TUSCANY FARMHOUSE OIL: Antichi Palmenti San Vincenzo farm holidays



Our farm is specialized in the production of extra virgin olive oil, obtained from more than 5000 plants; a thousand of them have been recently planted to produce also table olives.

Olives are picked from the end of October to the end of November. They are worked in the farm's oil mill within twenty-four hours so that the processes of heating and fermentation may be reduced to a minimum.

Cold-working guarantees the best quality of the product: indeed, we only produce intense taste extra virgin olive oil with a very low level of acidity.

This oil is sold both at wholesale as IGP Tuscan, and by retail at our farm with the trademark “L'olio della Pia” in 3 or 5 litre tins and in ½ litre or ¾ bottles.