Bibbona farm holiday resort



The historic center of the village, the characteristics cobbled stone streets, houses some buildings of great artistic and historical value. Among the civil architecture stands the Old Town Hall, a medieval structure and the façade adorned with the coats of arms of noble families, however, is not known to the foundation year, while renovations are numerous documented since the seventeenth century to the present day. On the square stands the Palazzo Gramsci Gardini, which was the seat of the old Grand Duchy of Royal Possessions, was auctioned at the end of the eighteenth century and assumed its present appearance during the next century. Bibbona also retains many traces dell'antiche fortifications. At the highest point of the town, at the Victory Square, stands the so-called Rocca, was probably built around the thirteenth century as the residence of a noble family, but was later used as a lookout tower. Restored several times over the centuries, the upper part collapsed in the earthquake of 1846. In the village of seaside resort is also a strong eighteenth century, built by the will of Lorraine.

San Vincenzo
Castagneto Carducci
Campiglia Marittima